Elevate your Worship Experience

Jands has been designing sound systems for Churches for over 25 years, so we understand that sound reproduction is a very important factor on any given Sunday, whether it’s the worship component or the spoken word. Due to these differing dynamics it’s very important that the sound system purchased, delivers consistent and even coverage to every seat in the house.

In the initial consultation process we have learnt the questions to ask to ensure we get not only the performance of the system right, but also the daily functionality required whether you are traditional or modern worship, have a single Chapel or a multi-room venue and we will also assess any existing equipment that may be able to be re-purposed.

Jands understands that good stewardship is an important factor in any decision. So we also like to discuss the vision for the future, and then design a system that is going to be expandable, to cater for future growth and changes.

Through our years of experience and the investment in 3D acoustic modelling software we are able to provide proof of concept in relation to system design and performance, detailing frequency response and SPL variation before the first cable is run.

Want to talk to our Church specialist?

Eli Murray in the northern region or Nicholas Van Dyk in the southern region have both been designing sound systems for churches for many years, they work closely with the top System Installers throughout the country. Let us help you get connected with a partner who is right for your project.



  • JBL Loudspeaker Design using 3D Acoustic Modelling
  • Audio Design and Technical Support based here in NZ
  • Audio Network Design – AVB, BLU-LINK, Cobranet, Dante
  • Digital Consoles, Stage Boxes and Training
  • System Tuning, commissioning and Training
  • Nationwide network of Trusted System Installers


  • St Lukes Presbyterian Church Auckland - Integrated by Magness Sound
  • Holy Trinity Church, Devonport, Auckland - Integrated by VideoPro
  • Victory Christian Church, Auckland - Integrated in house
  • Wanganui Collegiate School Chapel - Integrated by Image Audio
  • The Salvation Army, Upper Hutt - Integrated by Videopro
  • Forward Faith Church, Lower Hutt - Integrated by David Kendall Audio Visual
  • Karori Anglican Church - Integrated by David Kendall Audio Visual
  • Nations Christian Church, Dunedin - Integrated by Sound System Services
  • St Mary’s Church, New Plymouth - Integrated by TSH