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Product Software/Drivers Available

Soundweb London

Soundweb London (London Architect will be migrating to Audio Architect)

Soundweb Green (Discontinued product)

Audio Architect & Motion Control

HiQnet London Architect

Soundweb Designer


Driverack PA2 Control Apps

Driverack PA+

Driverack 260

Driverack 4800

ZonePro Designer GUI

PA2 Control Apps

PA+ Firmware Updater

260 Driveware GUI

HiQnet System Architect

iTech Amplifiers

XTi Amplifiers

Crown iPad App (Controls DCi Series, ITech, ITechHD, and MacroTech I series)

HiQnet Performance Manager

HiQnet Band Manager

iTunes download

VTX/Vertec Line Array

EON Connect APP

PRX Connect APP

SRX Connect APP

HARMAN Connected PA

CBT Series

HiQnet Performance Manager

EON Connect iOS & Andriod

PRX Connect iOS & Andriod

SRX Connect iOS & Andriod

Connect PA - Coming Soon

CBT Calculator

Alpha, Lambda, Omega, MX, PCM

Lexicon Drivers & Software

Vi & Si Series Offline Editors

Vi & Si Series Software Updates

Soundcraft Software

For permanent remote assistance

For temporary remote assistance

Jands Team Viewer Host

Jands Team Viewer